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Single-family detached house, single-storey with a usable attic. It impresses with its modern architecture and functionality. The use of mirror facade cladding perfectly harmonizes the building with its surroundings.

The first floor features a beautifully illuminated living area with access to the terrace, a study, bathroom, laundry room and vestibule. The living area, together with an interestingly arranged terrace, open the house to the garden. The attic contains a large, impressive double bedroom, two single bedrooms, a bathroom and a spacious hall.   

An additional asset of the attic is a mezzanine floor, accessible from the hall, which, depending on the clients’ preferences, can serve as a seasonal dressing room, gym or guest room.


Recommended area
of the building plot 5.00 ar  
Development area 166.57 m²
Development area 104.81 m²
Roof projection area 142.06 m²
Building height 9.45 m  
Facade height 9.58 m  
Building volume 729.74 m³


The proposed color scheme and composition of the building’s facade is intended to emphasize the qualities of the model and can be changed at the individual request of the client.




Usable area PN-ISO 126.80 m²
Floor area 174.42 m²
Usable volume PN-ISO 321.16 m³

First floor
Living area 43.68 m²
Bathroom 4.96 m²
Laundry room 7.93 m²
Vestibule 3.67 m²
Study room 7.93 m²

Bedroom 1 20.48 m²
Bedroom 2 12.36 m²
Bedroom 3 12.36 m²
Bathroom 7.77 m²
Hol 11.52 m²

Mezzanine floor 36.59 m²

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