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MS Space

Detached single-family house


An ideal proposal for a four/five-person family, featuring a spacious living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, utility room, and laundry room.

The house has practical, covered terraces. The functionality of the space allows for a comfortable living experience even with rapidly growing and lively children.

The versatile building structure blends seamlessly into any surroundings.

Simplicity combined with functionality while maintaining the highest aesthetic standards.


Recommended building plot area 4,72 ar  
Land utilization area 182,50 m²
Building footprint area 118,00 m²
Roof plan area 172,20 m²
Building height 4,05 m  
Facade height 4,07 m  
Building volume 552,80 m³


The proposed color scheme and composition of the building’s facade aim to highlight the model’s features and can be customized according to the client’s individual preferences.



Usable area according to PN-ISO 93,43 m²
Floor area 96,35 m²
Volume according to PN-ISO 265,65 m³
Living room with a kitchenette 32,70 m²
Bedroom1 12,47 m²
Bedroom2 12,47 m²
Bedroom3 12,57 m²
Bath 7,81 m²
Laundry room 5,16 m²
Control room 5,18 m²
Mudroom 5,09 m²
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